The purpose of using the four wheel locator
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The positioning angle measurement of vehicle diagnosis of the above symptoms and treated, it is divided into front and rear wheel positioning positioning positioning, including caster angle, kingpin inclination angle, camber and toe in four aspects, including the positioning of rear wheel angle and one rear wheel before the beam. Under normal circumstances, after 3 months' driving, a four wheel alignment should be done. After every 10 thousand kilometers, the tire should be replaced. If there is a collision, the four wheel should be made in time.
The above mentioned about the importance of vehicle four wheel alignment, should pay attention to the following talk about four wheel alignment problems when, in the choice of car maintenance shop, be sure to choose a professional car maintenance shop, because the technology and experience of both the technician with four wheelalignment advanced, in order to provide the best service for you with the car. The suspension system from simple to complex evolution, its structure is complex, corresponding to the four wheel alignment angle requirements are increasingly high, therefore, there were four wheelalignment instrument and some models specified, four wheel positioning device is used to adjust and change the orientation angle, it is only used to measure the positioning angle, then the technician, as a reference, compared with the original angle of orientation angle adjustment and change, make it return to the original design angle.
In addition, the main factors that affect the four wheel alignment are: (1) driving at high speed on uneven roads; (2) front wheels being impacted by external forces, and on the sidewalk steps; (3) often kill in situ; (4) tire pressure is beyond the standard range. Therefore, the majority of riders in the maintenance of your car, you should note the following points: (1) through the obstacles, to amble, bypass; (2) the front tire must be consistent, so to ensure the best running performance, to prevent the phenomenon of insufficient adhesion, noise, sideslip and partial attrition; (3) update or repair the tires, tire dynamic balance testing must be carried out.
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