The development of four wheel locator
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Since the 3D vehicle four wheel alignment instrument into China, just two or three years has swept the country, widely recognized this kind of product with high measuring efficiency, low failure rate and high-tech elements and other advantages by users, in China's automobile maintenance industry adopted by more and more users, is to replace the laser and CCD the traditional four wheel aligner potential.
In the past the Beijing international automobile exhibition, manufacturers of traditional four wheelalignment almost all, regardless of their production or by the OEM, are not far behind, have launched their own 3D products, a well-known manufacturers responsible person said, 3D positioning in 2011 sales accounted for the total sales of 2/3 enterprises positioning instrument, have gradually abandoned the original traditional products.
However, in such a booming market, the technology and quality of products in the end is what kind of state, whether consumers really know the technical performance of products, and to the satisfaction of their products? After all, 3D four wheel positioning technology is a brand-new product that is full of modern high technology, and has not entered the domestic market for a long time. Behind the prosperity of the market, there are many little-known technology insider, which is not really understood by users or even production peers. In order to promote the technological progress of our products and keep pace with the advanced technology of foreign countries and promote the long-term stable, healthy and orderly development of our products, it is obviously necessary to publicize and popularize related knowledge.
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