The development technology of four wheel locator
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According to communication methods: cable communication, infrared wireless communication, radio frequency radio communication 433MHz, Bluetooth wireless communication, ZigBee wireless communication;
According to the measurement methods: pull type angular displacement sensor + gravity hammer type inclinometer and pull type angular displacement sensor + electronic angle sensor, laser and photoelectric receiving plate + electronic tilt sensor, infrared and PSD+ electronic angle sensor, infrared and CCD+ electronic angle sensor, infrared and CMOS image sensor, 3D Technology (using CCD array)
There are already 3D four wheel locator in the market, and the intelligent four wheel locator, which is developed by Wanli, and is not subject to the automatic frequency selection of environmental interference. The general 3D measurement, intelligent pass and contactless measurement will be the development trend of the four wheel positioning system. In the future, the four wheel alignment measurement will be simpler, faster and more accurate.  Essential information
The classification of the four round positioning and the mainstream manufacturers:
Imported 3D products: Jay Ben, Hunter;
The domestic 3D manufacturers: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing frontier Panther Miller, Zhuhai Zhuhai, Shanghai war chariots, round Ning, Guangzhou Road, Guangzhou consun grams, Yantai sea righteousness, hung, Shanghai 10%, Hyde Shenzhen autohawk, Guangzhou Wanda, Qingdao Jinhua, Beijing, Shenzhen Xin Wei car quanta:
Zhuhai pilotage, such as the high-end market;
CCD product manufacturers: including Shenzhen Miller, Shenzhen Xin Wei, Zhuhai Beijing Xikesiji car vehicles, Guangzhou Road, Guangzhou consun, 100 grams, Yantai sea, Shanghai Yi spass 10%, Shenzhen, Shenzhen autohawk Yuan Zheng, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Wanli Miller, Zhuhai, Yingkou and so on to mars.
PSD and laser products have gradually entered the upgrading period.
Four wheel alignment instrument for wheel alignment parameters and design parameters of the test car, compared with the original, guiding users to adjust the wheel alignment parameters, to meet the requirements of the original design, the ideal car has reached the driving performance, that is easy to operate, stable and reliable running, partial wear and reduce tire. The main four wheel alignment parameters, including camber angle (Camber), camber angle (Caster), front rake (Toe-in) and internal inclination angle (SAI), can be measured and adjusted.
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