Structure composition of four wheel locator
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1, easy to install and clamp 6/8 measuring head: these fixtures can be clamped outer wheel hub can clamp the inner edge, even in the inner surface of the polishing clamp, but also affect the software protection against the wheel forging deformation. So it can be adapted to any wheel without additional devices. It does not need to be difficult to find the right to automatically meet the requirements of the right. 6/8 sensors can establish the communication between the left and right wheels / the left and right rear wheels, so that the measurement is accurate and the operation is fast.
2, there are CD-ROM disk drivers: CD can store information including many programs, it can save hard disk space, and is not afraid of virus interference, so it is also very convenient to update programs.
3, optical sensors: both CCD or infrared are optical sensors, and they are much more accurate than the line type.
4. A computer with fast processing speed: more and more functions of a good four wheel locator. For example, there are Chinese display, customer information management, vehicle pre inspection, complete vehicle location parameters, online help on screen, graphics, animation, video playback, etc. most of these functions need to be transferred to memory to calculate.
The price of the four wheel locator has a price of 20 thousand --7 and 80 thousand. If the owner of a conditional car can buy about 30 thousand of the equipment, it will be enough. It is recommended that you go to the professional 4S store for four tire positioning. After all, most of the owners are not pedestrians, even if they buy four wheel locator, it is also very difficult for them to operate. And there are many tools to do four tyres location. It's better to go to the 4S store and do it. One hundred or two hundred dollars can be done.
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